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By Carrie
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Me, as of February 2013.

I am a 42-year-old professional writer and editor, currently working full time for a couple of magazines based in Colorado. I have written for publications ranging from scuba diving to technology to health and beauty. This website has nothing to do with any of my past or present employers. If it ends up leading to future employment, or playing a pivotal role in the Great Invasion of 2034 by space squids from a parallel universe, we will just have to wait and see how that goes.

I’ve done pretty much everything, as far as jobs go. Much of it has been some form of creative work, but I’ve also done social media management, database development, project management at a Post Office processing facility, crewed on ferries and square rigged sailing ships, and a short stint in air/sea search and rescue. I will try literally anything. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? Most things that can happen to a person have already happened to me, but as Steve McQueen shouted at those guys in that movie, I’M STILL HERE.

My interests include silversmithing, electronics, weightlifting and fitness. I play a large number of musical instruments, none of them particularly well, but the electric guitar is my main instrument. I like metal, especially melodic death metal, black metal, and thrash. I taught classical guitar for several years, way back, but can no longer play a wide-necked classical guitar due to a wrist injury that affects my reach. I still play some classical pieces on my electric guitars (currently two different Dean models: a Michael Schenker Flames V and a cheapo MLX, both of which I love more than life itself).

I’m never happier than when I’m finding out something I didn’t know before, or learning a new skill. I need to know how things work, and I like making them work better.

In my first real job, on my first assignment as a writer, a colossal case of mistaken identity led directly to me having to make a speech to the Prime Minister and Cabinet members of a third-world country, on a topic that I knew nothing whatsoever about. There didn’t seem to be any way to get out of it, so I stayed up all night working on it, gave a speech that they’re probably still trying to figure out, stitched a big grin on my face and shook hands with everyone and got the hell out of there before anyone started asking detailed questions. That was when I was 20 and less confident; if it happened today I’d have stayed for the questions and tried to snag some free canapĂ©s and a repeat invitation. Anyway, I figured it couldn’t get any worse than that, so I stayed in the industry and it’s all been good since then. I make things, do stuff, go places, and write about it. And since people seem to be willing to pay me money for it, life can hardly get any better.

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